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Modern Exterior

Make a great first impression with beautifully designed and high-quality Front Door masterpiece will add an extra value to your home.

MILCASA™ dedicated to providing you with exterior doors that not only look stunning but are also durable and robust with 15 years warranty. Technically advanced with outstanding thermal insulation and triple glass break resistant, highest energy saving and up over 5" thick as a bank vault, custom made as single, double, with sidelights and transom in over 300 different models and colors.

MILCASA™ was the first to develop a multi-level 3D design with respectable 5" door thickness and 4-layer safe glass that brought with quadruple sealing and LED lights.

Production factory was founded in Europe 1968 with over 200 production employees. Our unique design has won, among others, the prestigious titles of German Design Award Winner 2017 and German Design Award Special Mention 2015, presented by the German Design Council.