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Many customers choose a sliding door as they are space saving and can offer a wider access point. Milano barn sliding doors are manufactured to a high specification: sliding doors vary in size and specification depending on the opening size. Open-type sliding mechanisms represent today's most stylish sliding door pane solution. Milano doors barn sliding mechanisms may be installed on top of doorframe. This may be achieved thanks to the advanced design solution intrinsic to the mechanism itself. It helps to significantly reduce the frame cost and simplifies installation, transforming sliding doors into an unusually stylish interior design choice. These sliding mechanisms may also be designed for glass door panes.



1. The pane is selected in appreciably larger sizes than the space it needs to fill.
2. L Clearance sizes are set between the pane and the wall (clearance A) and the pane and the floor (clearance B). Clearance B should be set at no less than 7 mm.
3. The distance between the aperture and the track's fastening points is determined as: H = Height of pane + Clearance B + 58 - Height of aperture.
4. The distance between the wall and fastening points on the lower track A1 = A + Width of the pane / 2.
5. After all sizes are determined, the upper track is installed on the wall and the mounting bar is fastened to the pane of the door. It is recommended that the lower track be install­ed last, when the clearance between the pane and the wall / floor have been firmly established.
6. Before installing the cross-slides on the upper track, You should loosen the tightening screws and move the roller's eccentrics to their lowest placement - this will create the largest-possible clearance between the pane and the floor, which may later be reduced by 4 mm. Fasten the tightening screws.
7. To adjust the clearance between the pane and the wall, You should loosen the tightening screws that fasten the cross-slides to the mounting bar, and shift the pane to the desired position. Then, tighten the screws.
8. Install the lower track in a manner that ensures an even clearance between the wall and the door pane along its entire height. The lower track is installed no less than 25 mm from the aperture, on the side to which the door will slide when it is being opened.


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