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How to Install Closet Bi-Pass Doors

How to Measure your Final Opening size for your Closet from Finish floor Inside Edge to Inside Edge


You want to measure your opening in at least two different places because the door opening may not be square.

Horizontal - between closet walls

Vertical - finish floor and top rail

If the opening is extra wide, take a third measurement at the center of the doorway. The hardware we offer with our sliding closet door do allow for some adjustment.


How to Install Closet Bi-Pass Doors

Tools need it for sliding doors installation:

  • Pencil and masking tape
  • Drill and Phillips drill bits
  • Screwdriver and  metric Allen-key set
  • Metal saw and level
  • Silicone adhesive or double-sided tape

Step 1 – Cut Upper and Lower Tracks according to your Rough Opening size. Lower Track has lower profile below

Bottom track install with double sided adhesive tape (for carpet drill screws  every 36" ). Bottom tracks comes 1" over-sized to ensure tight fit. Cut Bottom track to final dimension and put double-sided tape on back of Bottom track.



Step 2 – Mount Upper Track to your closet soffit or ceiling.

Upper Track -U shape profile as shown below



Top Track   to be mounted to ceiling. Top tracks comes with 1” over-sized to ensure tight fit Cut Bottom track to final dimension and drill holes 36” apart.

Step 3 –Line up and put Bottom Track in proper position.  You can attach to hardwood or ceramic floor until door position is confirmed by Double-Sided Tape

Step 4 – Position Door Panel into opening by sliding top of panel into upper track.

Step 5 – Rest bottom of door panel on lower track.

Step 6 – Insert lower wheels tabs into slot in lower track to the side of the door – slightly lift the door, and slide the wheel behind the door, positioning against mounting holes.

Step 7 – Install all panels on appropriate tracks. Level door panels by slightly loosening the wheel screws, raising or lowering door, and re-tightening wheel screws and adjusting leveling screw.


Bottom wheel adjustment


Sliding Doors Assemble

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