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How to Choose a Exterior (Front) doors

How to Choose a Front Door: basic requirements

As the well-known proverb says, the theater begins with cloakroom, and your house — with the front door. If you have already decided to work on interior design of your housing, then it's worth taking a very serious approach to your choice.

First of all, you need to decide what model of the front door you like to have and which one will be a reliable addition to your home. The next thing is to know how to choose the proper door.

The front door performs several functions: it protects your house/apartment from uninvited guests, and it is also considered to be an important element of both internal and external design of the dwelling. All in all there is a great choice of these elements and sometimes it is difficult to choose a suitable model.

The point is that each person comes up with something different. Some are chasing after quality, others are looking for cheap prices, the third try to combine all the things together, without forgetting about the appearance of the product.

However, the choice of the door depends not only on your personal preferences. Features of your home are the second factor (after the taste, of course) which tells us what to buy. For example, if you live in a large mansion outside the city, you will probably need massive, high-strength doors. Residents of a one-room apartment on the middle floor in the center of the town are unlikely to choose this variant, because too large doors in such an apartment will look ridiculous.

It is not a secret for anyone that modern entrance doors should have such two basic qualities as reliability and aesthetics. If the last point is more or less clear, then the reliability of the entrance doors should be discussed in details. The matter is that the quality depends not on one, but on a few moments that dictate the requirements for modern entrance doors.

Much also depends on material wealth of the dwelling owner. Rich people who have something to protect, usually choose armored doors, while the usual average family gives preference to wooden or thin metal vinyl doors.

Nowadays the most popular types are steel doors, with thermal spraying and made from MDF ones. Such models can be purchased in conventional building stores or in the offices of the specialized companies. According to experts, the second option is much better, because the correct installation and measurement of dimensions before setting are considered to be two components of quality result. In other words, no matter how expensive and good a door you have bought, if you install it incorrectly, it will not perform its functions. So we would like to recommend you, when buying a door, please, do not refer to the fact that you have a standard opening. It is quite incorrect to behave like this.

What are the main requirements?

  • Reliability of the whole door unit construction, which is determined by the quality of the door leaf and the frame. As you, perhaps, understand, wooden doors are unlikely to be a serious barrier to the thieves. But it will be quite a different picture, if we are talking about the metal front door. Without special tools these doors can not be broken, even in that case, when they are assembled from thin metal.
  • The hinges are the so-called connectors between the leaf and the door frame. They can be thought one of the weakest points of any front door. They should be not only strong in order to withstand the weight of massive doors, but to cause serious barrier for various kinds of burglars. The situation is that even welded door hinges can be easily broken with special equipment, so we have to be careful.
  • Locks. Perhaps you have already known that it is an improper lock, which help the thieves to come into the house or apartment. It simultaneously means that the choice of this device should be given special attention!

You understand that it is almost impossible to acquire a ready-made door that meets all these requirements. In most situations such doors are made exclusively to order. That is why you have to find the respectable company, which is ready to make them for you.

In general that is all you have to know choosing the front door. The only thing that can be added here is that a high-quality and reliable product of this type can not be cheap. Don’t try to save money, as the entrance doors and their reliability guarantee the safety of your property!

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