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How to Choose a Interior doors

How to Choose Interior doors: pieces of advice, rules and purchase algorithm

As a rule, repair of an apartment, an office or a country house is considered to be an expensive and troublesome occupation. Of course, all of us want to have everything in the corresponding style, but at the same time the samples should remain functional, strong and reliable. Especially it concerns interior doors, as in fact they have a considerable daily load.

However, how to choose a really high-quality, but at the same time aesthetic things?

The selection of interior door, despite its functions do not include the protection from burglars, is no less important than the choice of the entrance one. Looking through various variants we expect a perfect coincidence of moderate price and high quality. We need the design, which is harmoniously compatible with our interior as well as that, which is structurally strong.

The objective features of the door selection

The reliable interior doors are based on the following parameters:

  • The construction should be made of natural and environmentally friendly materials. Lacquer has to be safe for health.
  • Preferred materials are solid wood and wood veneer. The color has to indicate the door quality. It means that the shades of your interior doors should be deep, homogeneous and clear without any stains of unknown origin. At the same time we have to see a wood structure and it should look perfectly.
  • Pay attention to the fact that the producers of the cheapest doors often use some toning methods in order to give their production turbid and muddy hints. Be careful as this technique is often used to hide the definite defects. In this case the natural tree structure will not be visible.
  • Door should have a perfect surface. This means that it should be smooth, flat, clean, warm and pleasant to the touch. Lacquer on such a surface must be durable and environmentally friendly. Why? — The matter is that usually it serves as a special protection covering. Try to scratch it slightly by your nail, if the covering is really good, you won't see any marks left. Cheap lacquer of bad quality will allow you to get the nail inside the wood.
  • Perfect geometry is very important. The specialists are sure that the distance from one corner to the other should be equal. The maximum possible difference is 1 mm. The doors with frames, gratings and baguettes shouldn't have any gaps and overlaps. The best decision will be to buy the whole set, including L-casing and L-box. Modern expensive doors without these components cause a lot of questions.

What else should we pay attention to?

  1. Sealant. Remember that a good door should have it in a box. Sealant is considered to be good if it is soft. The hard one will not allow a continuous fit.
  2. Rabbet ledge. It should be included into the construction of the door leaf either. This item is very important indeed as it improves heat and sound insulation.
  3. Doors with tempered glass are safe for a person in case the glass breaks. Glasses made in fusing technology are more elegant and can create the effect of stained glass.

How to choose the interior door, focusing on durability, as the main quality?

Despite the fact that usually the most popular are made from wood, there are also people, who give preference to glass and plastic products. Glass is characterized by the highest resistance to the temperature and humidity of the room, and this is an explanation why these materials are used for doors for saunas, for example.

In apartments and houses, tinted glassware is installed primarily at the entrance to the bathroom, but in some cases, they are appropriate for other premises.
PVC products are not so popular for use in apartments, more often it can be found in offices and shops. — The explanation of this choice is quite simple in fact: all these things have a rather modest and emphatically urban appearance.

Wood products (laminated or veneered) covered with PVC film, blind or having glass inserts, still fit much better in the design of most living premises. Here everything is simple: longer you will be served by products made from solid wood (wood, cherry, beech, oak).
The samples from coniferous species need frequent replacement of lacquer coatings. And by the way, be sure to ask the seller what type of fire safety belongs to the model you like.

Effective purchase algorithm

Here is an approximate algorithm, which should be used for purchasing a new interior door:

  • We make the budget: the upper and lower limit of the estimated costs.
  • We make measurements. We recommend you to ask for the specialists' help, if you doubt your accuracy.
  • We evaluate the design, take pictures of the doors, at least on the phone and at home we compare: «they will fit» into the general appearance of the room.
  • At purchase or in advance we ask the seller all the necessary questions and learn everything about warranty terms.

So, in order to choose an interior door that will be used for a long time you need to spend some definite time choosing the proper variant and to follow our tips, of course. Enjoy the shopping!

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