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How to Choose a Closet Door

How to Choose a Closet Door

Traditionally people prefer to install the same doors in the entire apartment. From the design point of view, it is a perfect and rather sophisticated idea, of course. However, how they will work depending on the conditions of operation in different rooms that a real question.

Let's take, for example, a bathroom or a toilet, where the air is simply saturated with moisture vapor. How do you think the doors from the MDF will behave in these premises? In a couple of years they will turn into something really miserable. In this article we will study the characteristics of all existing types of doors and, comparing their technical characteristics, we will make a verdict about the suitability of their operation in rooms with high humidity.

How to choose closet doors: MDF products

No matter how the manufacturers of interior MDF doors assure us of the excellent quality of their products, no matter how they guarantee the invariability of their forms in the process of operation, paper is nothing but paper, so it is unnecessary to expect much from it. Probably, many people have already mistaken as to this kind of doors. — As a rule, after a few days of their operation, the door frame swells, a gap between it and the leaf disappears, and the doors simply stop functioning properly. This is because the box of such doors does not have laminated protection on the back side, through which moisture penetrates, despite the mounting foam or another similar prevention.

How to Choose Closet Doors: wooden products

One of the main properties of any wooden products is to give moisture to dry air and to take it from the saturated atmosphere of water vapor. Thus, in such a way the tree «breathes». This process can be both noticeable visually, and invisible to the human eye. These changes in the shape of the wood can be successfully resisted — for these purposes, the wooden doors are covered with special varnish or paint, and the door frame in addition is securely attached to the opening with the help of foam and anchors. Without the last ones, there is a probability that the door frame will change its form.

In addition, these endless drying and wetting of wood lead to the destruction of products, produced from it. No matter how you look after the doors of a natural or glued fiber, the result will be the same: the numerous cracks(small and large) will definitely spoil the look. But at the very beginning, endless layers of paint and varnish products will begin to separate, and the doors will have to be restored. The care of wooden doors is considered to be very expensive.

Metal-plastic bathroom doors: the perfect solution for an affordable price

Interior doors to the bathroom, made of a modern metal-plastic profile, in comparison with the above-described products of similar purpose have a great number of advantages.

  • The material used for these doors production (aluminum and plastic) is absolutely not affected by moisture — it does not rot and does not change its shape under its influence.
  • It is durable, because of the same inertness of the material used for all temperature and humidity regimes.
  • Variety of colors .All in all using modern PVC film, metal-plastic doors can be given any shade and even texture. With the help of such lamination it is possible to imitate the structure of any wood quite easily.

These qualities are enough to give preference to doors made of metal-plastic profiles. We would like to mention that the maintenance as well as the operation of such structures is not particularly difficult. — Sometimes they have to be wiped with a damp cloth and even less often cleaned with modern detergents.

Glass doors and main features of its using in closet

The glass is familiar to everyone, and we do not think it is necessary to explain why it is not exposed to moisture. This material could be called ideal for using in the bathroom, if not for a few «BUT».

  1. With an abundance of moisture on the glass doors, condensation begins to form. In principle, you can keep it, as this problem is only in the consequences of condensation. But it will cause stains on the service, which are visible even after drying. In addition, the condensate flows to the floor and forms impressive puddles.
  2. Fragility, despite all the thickness of the glass used. In order to cope with this problem and to use the glass doors safely even in the premises, where there are small children, they have to covered with a special impact-resistant film. By the way, the matter of closet glass door transparency can also be solved with the help of the special toning films.
  3. Care.All in all it is not easy to get rid of the water stains appeared on the glass. — These doors need to be either wiped every day dry, or put up with the untidy appearance of the surface.

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