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How to Choose a Kitchens

How to Choose Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. That's why it's so important to choose the perfect headset and not to regret after the installation. We find out how to arrange cabinets and what materials to give preference to.

Here is a list of pieces of advice that you will not hear from any store managers.

How to take into account all the nuances

Modern kitchen allows you to create a space that meets the individual requirements of the owner.
Before you start searching a suitable kitchen headset, think about some main questions:

  • In detail think the equipment and dimensions of future furniture, which should not occupy more than 20% of the premise territory.
  • What devices (including built-in and small household) you need there? Do you need to replace pipes and sockets?
  • How much space do you need for storing utensils, food, household items? Mind how you can functionally use the available volume at the expense of corner cabinets, drawers, additional shelves and additional mesh baskets.
  • Think about where the dining area will be located and what furniture is suitable for it. If the area allows, you can put a large round table and stationary chairs. In a small kitchen you can use a folding or pull-out table, a bar counter and stylish folding chairs.
  • Are there non-standard corners, ledges, niches in the kitchen? How are you planning to use them?

After the budget is counted and general requests for the future kitchen are determined, you may start detailed planning and material selection.

Main features kitchen arrangement

  • L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped layout is considered to be convenient for the functional division of the premise space, preserving the possibility of free movement and simultaneous placement of two people in the working triangle (storage area, washing zone, cooking zone).
This is a classic option for rooms, the shape of which is close to the square. Optimal using of hard-to-reach zones in corner cabinets is possible with the help of retractable multi-level systems.

  • U-shaped kitchen

It is suitable for premises of sufficient sizes of square or rectangular shape, where it is necessary to place a large amount of storage systems and kitchen appliances.
For comfortable using the optimal length of parallel kitchen lines should be at least one and a half and not more than two meters, and the connecting zone between them should exceed 2.5 meters.

  • Linear kitchen

It is ideal for narrow spaces less than two meters wide and a total area of 6-12 square meters. In order to use the space under the kitchen set countertop effectively, you can place the built-in equipment, for the dishes to determine the sliding systems, and intend upper cabinets for the products.
It is the best thing to arrange the objects in the following order: a fridge, a work table, a sink, a second working table and a stove. In small kitchens, the folding dining table is mounted in the opposite wall, thus freeing up the useful space.

  • Island and peninsular kitchens

Such a layout can be used for premises with an area of at least 20 square meters. In traditional island kitchens, a table with a sink or stove is placed in the middle, and a bar counter appears in the peninsular center. But, of course, each owner on his/her own decides what functions to allocate the island or peninsula.
The optimal size of a stand-alone working area is a square with a side of 120 cm. The standard length of the peninsula is 120-180 cm. Usually it is two or three kitchen modules with a width of 60 cm.

  • Double-deck kitchen

This is the only way to use an elongated premise as efficiently as it is possible. Suitable for kitchens with an area of at least 9 square meters and a width of at least 2.5 meters. After installing the kitchen unit, the width of the passageway must not be less than 120 cm.
A convenient variant is to place the cooker and sink on one side of the kitchen, and the fridge on the opposite side. Or, for example, at the left wall you can install a fridge with a sink, and on the right — a plate with a working table.

The only disadvantage of the double-row layout is the lack of a clearly defined dining area.

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