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How to Choose a Windows

How to Choose a Windows

At the very beginning we should mention that the main criterion and factor of pricing of window designs in the current conditions of the window market is, first of all, the cost of components, from which the finished product is assembled.

Nowadays it is rather difficult to give preference to one kind of devices. The choices are really endless. So no matter that a great amount of people feel themselves much frustrated when they visit the offices of the specialized companies. The managers inside usually talk much, but very often their words sound like ones but in a very foreign language.

So we have created a real tip for you not to get lost in numerous variants. The only thing you have to do now is to choose the most appropriate variant idea for the requested premise.

Wooden windows

They are the most warm and durable ones. Despite the common opinion on the durability of plastic windows they significantly exceed the lifetime of the last ones. The main advantages are high mechanical strength (you can make very large windows without any fear), moisture and air exchange in the room even with closed windows (the windows «breathe»), aesthetic value — beautiful appearance and pleasant tactile sensations.

  1. pine — the cheapest wood (twice cheaper than oak, pine window is about the same value as a good plastic), which is the main advantage.However, the durability as well as strength of these items are low.
  2. oak, ash, walnut — classic wood species in the world.Windows made of such wood are very durable and reliable.
  3. Eucalyptus and rosewood, which are a variety of mahogany.Despite the similar to the traditional types of wood, the cost is much higher. In accordance with the specialists points of view, they are more durable due to oily and poor absorption of moisture. This is an explanation why they are considered to be suitable for wet rooms and very large windows.

The cost of the same wooden windows may be different. The reason is a different thickness of the frame, which affects the consumption of the material and, as a consequence, the cost of the product as a whole.

Metal-plastic windows

The largest mass product, thanks to the lowest cost and ease of processing.The price of the window depends to a large extent on the brand of the manufacturer, but in general — at least twice as cheap as a similar window in wood.

The manufacturer's brand influences the price only by the quality of the profile and the place of production. The most expensive profiles are produced in Europe. Their volume is about 5% of the market (very high requirements for quality, safety and durability) and much cheaper profiles are produced in China — 95% of the market.

It is recommended to be careful selecting a brand profile. All manufacturers have in their assortment several types of products — from the cheapest and low-cost lower price segment to multi-chamber energy-saving systems.

Wood-aluminum windows

This is a variety of wooden windows, on which are installed aluminum overhead profiles from the outside — the street side. The main properties of such windows:

  • higher resistance to ultraviolet radiation than that of wooden windows made of soft kind;
  • high load capacity;
  • durability and vandal resistance;
  • higher price compared to classic wooden windows.

Aluminum windows

A separate class of windows from «warm aluminum» is much higher in value even in comparison with wooden windows, but they have a very high durability and vandalism protection property.

They are used mainly in office and hotel complexes, buildings, which mean a high load from users or an aggressive wet environment — shopping and entertainment complexes, health centers, winter gardens.

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