Why Sliding Doors?

They save space

They can disappear into walls and open up rooms

They can be opened and shut silently and effortlessly

They are perfect for sloping ceilings

They provide barrier-free accessibility

Several doors can be opened simultaneously using a synchronizing mechanism and door drivers

Room Solutions at a Glance

Four walls – endless possibilities. Regardless of whether you want to enter, divide, or use your space Milcasa can fulfill any residential requirements in a custom-tailored and individual way.

Built-in closet from wall to wall

Built-in closet in the corner

Built-in closet for angled roof sidewards

Built-in closet for angled roof backwards

Walk-in closet

Room divider

Let Us Inspire You


Sliding Doors – The Space-Saving Wonder

The space-saving characteristics of sliding doors are one of their greatest advantages. Many houses and apartments have alcoves and corners with non-standard dimensions, meaning that off-the-peg furniture doesn’t fit and the space thus remain unused. Today there are many creative options to ensure that this potential storage space is not lost but instead exploited to the full. raumplus systems are multi-talents when it comes to utilizing small areas effectively. In addition to this, sliding doors are also the perfect solution for making full use of larger spaces or achieving a spacious look.

Fascinating Variety

Our systems are as diverse as the people who use them – and their wishes. No matter whether sliding, hinged, or folding doors; room dividers; or interior or closet systems, we can offer you almost endless design options. And are interested to see the end products. Use our materials and colors; frame and surface options; door panels; and closet interior systems to configure your very own customized closet. We look forward to creating this unique piece of furniture for you, because nothing is more inspiring than variety.

Personalized Door Panels

Whether wood, metal, or glass; mirrors, blackboards, or magnetic panels – our door panels are designed to match your interiors and your wishes. No matter how personal they are – from fabric through wallpaper to leather or your favorite photo as digitally printed one-off piece – we can make almost anything into a reality.

Why should you choose Milcasa Company?

German quality and service

Raumplus Company is a solid and concrete brand that stands for the excellent German quality of sliding doors, room dividers and closet organizing systems. The main trait of Raumplus Company is an honest trade with the accent on uncompromising quality at a reasonable price. Raumplus together with Milcasa Company suggest high quality standards for well-designed products, easy assembling and maintaining.

Quality warranty

We offer you 5-year warranty so you can bet the last dollar on Milcasa closet doors!

Quick shipping

Our company offer quick and reliable shipping and delivery service.


One of our top priorities is a customer friendliness that means you have an opportunity to order closet doors up to your dimensions, to choose any color of profiles and panels, to specify opening types, and what not. And every step of your order and choice can be completed online with the help of the user-friendly configurator through several clicks or finger taps.

A huge variety

A huge variety of BARN, SWING, CLOSET SLIDING, and BI-FOLD doors.

Wall partitioners or room dividers

Wall partitioners or room dividers that can be also ordered on our website, are highly recommended for those who want to zone office open spaces and rooms in the house.

Design Your Own Sliding Solution

Closet Door Milano SL 141

From $1050

Closet Door Milano SL 131

From $1000

Closet Door Milano SL 152

From $1100

Closet Door Milano SL 133

From $1000

Closet Door Milano SL 142

From $1050

Closet Door Milano SL 132

From $1000

Closet Door Milano SL 121

From $950

Closet Door Milano SL 153

From $1100

Closet Door Milano SL 122

From $950

Closet Door Milano SL 151

From $1100

Closet Door Milano SL 161

From $1150

Closet Door Milano SL 134

From $1000